Do I need to buy socks?2018-07-03T11:20:32+01:00

You will need Infinite Air grip socks to take part in any sessions which take place on the trampolines

The socks are included in your ticket price for any of our open sessions (tots/family jump/open jump). We don’t want your smelly socks back so they’re yours to keep.

If you don’t have a ticket and would just like to buy a pair of socks, the cost is £2.

We provide a new pair every time you jump.

What should I wear?2017-03-23T14:31:30+00:00

We always want you to be dressed comfortably. And use the weather as a guide too. With the design of our building it’s intended to feel like you’re outdoors. If its cold outside it could be the same inside; our building does protect you from the wind and rain though so you can leave your coats at the door.

Please don’t wear anything that can restrict movement such as jeans and also avoid clothing items which could potentially get caught including belts, jewellery and clothing with studs.

Do you need to book to come to Infinite Air?2017-03-23T14:30:51+00:00

We always advise booking in advance and completing an online waiver to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

We do accept walk-in bookings but this is subject to availability, without an advance booking there’s no guarantee you can take part if the session is full.

Are there any restrictions to taking part? i.e. age /weight / height2021-08-25T11:20:58+01:00

Weight restrictions ¦ 17.5 Stone
This is a restriction as set by the manufacturers. Anyone over this weight will not be allowed to take part in trampoline activities for their own safety.

Height Restrictions ¦ We don’t use height as a limiting factor
We believe that your safety should be determined by the ability to comprehend our rules, how tall or small you are does not have an impact on this.

Age Restrictions ¦ Open Jump

These sessions are strictly for ages 6 and over. No exceptions. To coincide with the height restriction rules, we must ensure that participants in this session are able to grasp the rules both for their safety and that of others taking part in the session. There is no upper age limit and so to protect younger ones they are not able to take part in this session.

Age Restrictions ¦ Open Family Jump / Infinite Tots
Infinite Tots, for walking age up to 6 years
Family Jump sessions are targeted for 2-6 years
While this session is targeted, there is no strict definition around the age for Family Jump sessions, we understand that you are a family and want to enjoy yourselves together, if someone falls just outside of the bracket or you would like older siblings to join in with the younger ones, that’s okay. Just be aware that park access is restricted on some items which may affect the experience for the older ones.

General Rules
Children under 6 must have an accompanying adult to take part at a ratio of 1 adult:2 children and must be supervised at all times.
Children must be aged 13 or over to stay on the premises unattended.
Waivers can only be signed by parents / legal guardians over the age of 18.

What if I need to cancel my booking?2017-03-23T14:29:44+00:00

We can only offer refunds if we receive at least 48 hours notice to cancel your session, otherwise we will look to rearrange your jump session.

Please note that we may not be able to rearrange jump session with short notice during Weekends or during School holidays as these sessions can sometimes get quite busy.

No refund will be given with less than 48 hours notice.

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